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Welcome to Frank Berg industrial supplies

Your supplier of industrial couplings, sanitary couplings, hygienic fittings, dairy fittings, and custom applications.

industrial couplings, industrial fittings, industrial valves, supplier
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Industrial couplings

Industrial couplings are use in many industries: pharmaceutical couplings, sanitary couplings, food processing, heavy duty offshore couplings etc.

IBC adapters

Drum adapters

ibc container couplings, ibc fittings, tote couplings Drum adapters for 200 liter drums, barrel adapter, S70x6, S56x4, 2" BSP, drum coupling, drum bung
IBC tote couplings - industrial quality
These IBC tote couplings are made from 1 solid piece of HDPE ensuring industrial quality and leak-free connections.
Drum fittings - barrel adapters
For drums and barrels we also offer high quality drum adapters from HDPE.

IBC Connect Multiblock®

CDS dip tubes
for IBC totes and drums

ibc connect multiblock, ibc lid with various connections, ibc-connect, multi flex block, multiblock, multiflexblock,  ibc tank connector, ibc tote, 1000l ibc suction tube, stainless steel, ibc container suction pipe, cds tube, suction tube, sec coupling, stainless steel, dip tube, S56x4, 2-inch BSP, cds, sec,
The IBC-Connect Multiblock® is a multi functional connection block mounted on an IBC Lid DN150 or DN225. For easy and especially safe emptying, filling, monitoring and connection of filters, level switches, sensors etc on IBC containers and other drums and tanks for chemicals. Suction Tubes are a way to safely use the liquid from the IBC container or drums without the danger of contaminating it.
Available in PE and stainless steel

Camlock couplings

Bajolock couplings

camlock couplings, cam groove couplings BAJOLOCK couplings, safety couplings, camlock safety coupling,
Cam and Groove couplings
Camlock couplings, also known as Cam and Groove couplings are quick release hose couplings used in many industries.
Bajolock Safety couplings
Bajolock couplings a similar to Camlock couplings but these couplings meet a very high standard in safety.

Dairy couplings

Storz couplings

dairy couplings, din 11851, sanitary couplings, hygienic fittings storz couplings, fire hose couplings
Hygiënic fittings - DIN 11851
Hygienic fittings are commonly used in the food, brewery, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. They are robust fittings, ideal for pipe work which has to be dismantled for cleaning and sterilising.
Storz couplings - Fire hose couplings
Storz couplings, also known as fire hose couplings have an identical locking head with no separate male or female halves and are available with BSP male and female threads, or serrated hose tails for fitting into rubber hose.

Tri-Clamp couplings


triclamp couplings, triclover, fittings, ferrules flanges, stainless steel flanges, offshore flanges
Triclamp couplings and ferrules
Triclamp or Triclover couplings are designed to meet the specific demands of the biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, Tri-Clover fittings provide safe, easy installation and high, consistent quality.
Stainless steel flanges
Stainless Steel Flanges, threaded flanges, Flat welding flanges, stainless steel flanges, blind flanges etc

Dry-Break couplings

Custom made fittings

dry break couplings, dry disconnect couplings, clean break coupling

custom design couplings, custom made fittings
Dry disconnect couplings
Dry Disconnect Couplings, are designed for quick and spill free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines.
Dry Disconnect Couplings also known as dry break couplings or clean break couplings can be found in a lot of various applications such as handling toxic chemicals, fuels etc.
Custom made solutions
For every challenge in the industrial, chemical, and food processing sector, we offer custom solutions. Whether it's pumping chemicals from IBC containers or customized parts and couplings.

Ball valves

ball valves, stainless steel ball valve, plastic ball valves, tap valves
GK couplings AKZO couplings
gk couplings, germany type hose couplings AKZO couplings, chemical couplings, KNZ coupling
GK Couplings
'GK' couplings are symmetric quick couplings designed for agricultural, gardening, construction and public service applications. 'GK' couplings are connected by pushing and rotating the two couplings together.
AKZO couplings
AKZO couplings are specifically designed for the transportation of hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Polyethylene (PE) AKZO couplers have a good corrosion and chemical resistance to these chemicals. Therefore AKZO couplings are frequently used and mandatory in chemical transports in The Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg)

Guillemin couplings

Tank truck couplings

Also reffered to as French couplings

guillemin couplings, french couplings, symmetrical coupling
TW couplings, tank truck couplings

RotaPoint Couplings

Swivel fittings

rotapoint, coupling, swivel coupling, swivel, rotapoint couplings, stainless steel swivel, torque, hose coupling, hose, hoses, stainless steel swivels, swivel, multi swivel, swivel fitting, stainless steel swivel coupling, swivel couplings, swivel spray gun, swivel high pressure, swivel vacuum

RotaPoint couplings are swivel couplings for preventing torsion on hoses.

With the RotaPoint Swivel you prevent damage to hoses that are moving or subject to torsion.

Multidirectional swivel fitting for use on fuel guns, spray nozzles, high pressure lances etc to make sure your hose can move freely.

Barcelona Couplings

barcelona couplings, spanish coupling, Norm UNE 23400, 3 lug coupling, spain, pressure coupling, quick coupling  
Barcelona couplings are symmetrical quick couplings with 3 lugs according to the Spanish Standard UNE 23400  
Hose clamps and hose connections
hose clamps, heavy duty clamps,
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