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Your reliable supplier of IBC container agitators, mixing equipment, industrial agitators, mixing tanks, Top entry agitators, Vertical agitators, Totes mixers, agitators for mixing liquids in IBC containers, storage tanks and dosing tanks.

supplier of IBC container mixers, mixing equipment, industrial agitators, Totes mixers for mixing liquids in IBC containers, dosing tanks, top entry agitator
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VORTEX Technology, mixers, roerwerken, mengen
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200 RPM
Heavy duty
Pneumatic Drum mixers Tripod agitators
Low viscosity Medium viscosity High viscosity Low - Medium Dosing tanks

IBC container mixers and Industrial agitators for homogenizing, suspending and dissolving fluids in IBC containers. Frank Berg industrial supplies has various electrical and pneumatic agitators suitable for your application.

VORTEX Technology® ensures that the liquid is moved from the bottom up into a vortex so your product is mixed homogeneously without clumps and prevents substances from settling down to the bottom.

The robust stainless steel bracket is placed on the IBC tank and securely fixed with
the fixation clamps on the construction of the container.

We have IBC agitators designed especially for low viscous / aquaous viscosity products,
IBC stirrers for medium to high viscosity liquids and heavy duty IBC agitators for extemely high viscosty products. When low-shear agitation is required we also have the perfect solution for you.

The tote tank agitators are top entry agitators and can be customized with VariSpeed (frequency controller), Forklift module, Timer switch, Powder hopper, PVDF coated shaft and propeller for aggressive mediums.

When you often need to mix batches with IBC's or drums you can also use a tripod agitator for quicker handling and process. Equipped with an electric winch and various safety measures these stand agitators are a true addition for your process equipment.

If you would like to simultaneously mix and pump your products we can also offer you customized solutions. Please send us an inquiry about the possibilities.

Electric IBC tote agitators & mixing equipment

Series: FBSX - IBC Agitators Aqueous viscosity
IBC container agitators for mixing low viscosity liquids up to 1000 mPas
Also suitable for dispersion with dissolver disc.

This direct drive Tote mixer is easy to handle but can also be equipped with the fork lift option.
Optional with VariSpeed frequency controller
Available in: 400V and 230V - 50/60 Hz
Other motors on request:
(120V 60Hz - 460V - 480V 60Hz)
Also availble with UL certification
0,37 kW 0,75 kW 1,1 kW  
VORTEX Technology, mixers, agitators, stirrers
Stainless steel AISI 316, 316L
IBC agitators, IBC stirrers, Tote mixers, IBC container mixing equipment, Traverse, industrial agitators, bracket mount mixer, direct drive mixer, HBC mixer, top entry agitator
IBC agitators, IBC stirrers, Tote mixers, IBC container mixing equipment, Traverse, industrial agitators, bracket mount mixer, direct drive mixer, HBC IBC mixer, ibc agitator, folding propeller, frequency inverter, tote mixers, ibc traverse, ibc container, tote stirrer, bracket mount mixer, gear drive, LBC
 Direct Drive Tote Agitator  Gear Drive IBC mixer
Series: FBTX - Tote Mixers for medium / high viscosities
IBC gear driven mixer for highly viscous media mounted on a stainless steel bracket,
massive agitator shaft, a four-bladed folding propeller, fork lift module, variable speed control, and CEE switch box.
Available in: 400V and 230V - 50/60 Hz
Other motors on request:
(120V 60Hz - 460V - 480V 60Hz)
0,75 kW 1,1 kW 1,5 kW
VORTEX Technology, mixers, agitators, stirrers
Stainless steel AISI 316, 316L

IBC mixer, ibc agitator, folding propeller, industrial agitator, frequency inverter, tote mixers, ibc traverse, ibc container, tote stirrer, bracket mount mixer, LBC, low shear agitation

Series: FBHX - IBC stirrer extremely high viscosity
IBC Stirrer for highly viscous liquids with a viscosity up to 20.000 mPas
This heavy duty gear driven Tote mixer is mounted on a stainless steel bracket with fork lift module.
Available in: 400V - 50/60 Hz
2,2 kW motor
VORTEX Technology, mixers, roerwerken, mengen
RVS AISI 316, 316L
IBC mixer, ibc agitator, folding cups propeller, frequency inverter, ibc traverse, ibc container, tote stirrer

Pneumatic agitators / Air driven mixers

Series: PNTX - Pneumatic IBC agitator for aqueous viscosities
Pneumatic air driven IBC agitator with a turbin propeller.
Suitable for mixing fluids up to 1000 mPas
Pneumatic agitator, air driven mixers
Series: APFX - Pneumatic Tote Mixer for Low to High Viscosities
Pneumatic Tote tank mixer suitable for very low- to very highly viscous products
up to 10.000 mPas

Atex Zone 0:
• ATEX certification II 1/2 G Ex h IIC T6 Ga/Gb X
• ATEX certification II 1/2 D IIIC T85°C Da/Db X
The agitator complies with
NEC standards (National Electrical Code),
EAC (EurAsia Conformity Certification) and ATEX
Atex Zone 1:
• ATEX certificate II 2 G/D c T5 100

Our Pneumatic mixers from the APFX Series ensure functional safety in hazardous environments when explosion proof mixers are needed – without any compromises.

Stainless steel mixer motor, FDA, food safe, IP68, waterproof agitator
Certified by TÜV Süd, your agitating process in ATEX zone 1 or 0
is safe and carefree from now on.

Also available in stainless steel motor FDA, food safe and IP68 waterproof.
Pneumatic agitator, explosion proof mixers, agitators, APFX, IBC, tote, air driven mixers, ATEX, NEC, EAC

Propellers & Folding Propellers

Depending on the specifications of the type of liquid (viscosity) a fixed or folding propeller can be chosen.

When you a are mixing chemicals or aggressive liquids such as acids, bases, alkalis etc. We can fit the agitator with PP (Polypropylene) or PVDF propellers.

stainless steel propeller stirrer, mixer, agitator Folding propeller mixer agitator conical cup propeller agitator mixer
Turbin Propeller
Standard for FBSX Series

Ø 88mm - Ø 150mm = M10
Ø 175mm - Ø 300mm = M16
Folding propeller
Standard for FBTX Series

opened Ø 340mm
idle Ø 140mm
Conical cup propeller
Optional for FBTX Series

opened Ø 600mm
idle Ø 130mm
PP / PVDF propeller mixer agitator Dissolver disc, dispersing, dissolvers disc propeller
PP / PVDF propeller
- M16 inner thread
Ø 100mm to Ø 250mm
Dissolver disc / Dispersing
Ø 30mm - Ø 500mm

Disc propeller
Standard for APFX-3600

Pneumatic agitator
Temperature resistant up to
max. 150 degrees Celcius
Agitator with flange, propeller and shaft made ​​of PVDF or PP
Agitator with flange, propeller and shaft made ​​of PVDF or PP
Folding propellers during operation
folding propeller, 4 blade, agitator mixer conical cup propeller agitator mixer
The above video demonstrates the operation of these folding propellers.
When the agitator is turned on the blades will fold out due to the centrifugal forces.
The opened diameter is 340mm

Optional accessories for IBC agitators

Variable speed controller for controlling the rotational speed Powder feeder / hopper for mixing of powders Hose connections (camlock coupling) for liquid supply
VariSpeed frequency inverter
Set RPM manually
Powder hopper Camlock connection
for feeding of liquids
Agitator timer for programmed operating Forklift module Lifting eye for hoisting the ibc agitator
Timer clock for programmed operating Fork lift module Lifting eye for hoisting
Veiligheidsschakelaar, Roerwerk kan niet worden ingeschakeld zonder IBC container PVDF coated shaft and propeller, for mixing agressive chemicals Quick coupling for changing the entire agitator shaft
Safety switch - Agitator cannot be started without IBC container PVDF coated shaft and propeller Quick coupling for changing the entire agitator shaft.
IBC Agitator support rack
IBC agitator support frame - Safely store your agitator when not in use
IBC agitator support frame, rack

Tripod agitators for IBC's and drums

Series: STMX
Tripod agitators, Tripod mixers, Stand Mixers for IBCs and drums

A Tripod agitator can be a great solution when working with lots of different IBC Containers / Totes.
With the use of our stand agitator you are insured of quick but overall safe operation whilst the agitator and frame is equipped with many safety features.

These stand agitators are equipped with:
- Electric winch
- Guide rollers and wheels in plastic
- Construction: choice of steel or stainless steel
- Equipped with lightweight or heavy duty mixer
- Many safey features
- Can also be manufactured with only wall mount.

Application IBC mixers - Industrial mixers

- Mixers for the chemical industry
- Mixers for pilot plants and research
- Mixers for paints, varnishes and adhesives
- Mixers for the food and beverages
- Mixers for (waste) water treatment, water purification and flocculation
- Mixers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & hand sanitizing gels
- Mixers for salt and sugar solutions
- Mixers for dyes and pigments


Stand agitators / Tripod agitators

Tripod agitators, Stand agitators, Wall mount agitators, mixers

Dosing tank agitators

dosing tanks, plastic mixing tank, dosing tank agitator, chemical process tank

Drum agitators, 200L (55 gallon) drum mixers

200L drum agitator, drum mixer, industrial agitators, drums, 55 gallon drum mixer,

Stainless steel mixing tanks

Stainless steel mixing tanks
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