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Technical hoses, for each application we offer industrial hoses: food hoses, beverage hoses, chemical hoses, fuel hoses, PTFE hoses, hose reels, PVC hoses, flexible hoses

technical hoses, industrial hoses, flexible hoses, chemical hoses, food hoses
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For each application we can offer the perfect hose.
fda hoses, food processing, hose, food hoses Chemical transfer hoses for acids, alkalis etc
FDA hoses for food processing
Food hoses
Industrial food processing hoses which are used for the transfer of all sanitary food products.
Flexible chemical hose
Chemical hoses
Chemical transfer hoses for acids, alkalis etc
plastic hoses, pvc hoses, flexible hoses oil hoses, fuel hoses, petrol hoses
Plastic hoses
Flexible PVC hoses
Plastic PVC hoses for various applications including water, sludge, waste, aggregates, mineral oils
Oil and petrol hoses
Fuel hoses
Fuel Hoses suitable for transfer of oil, unleaded gasoline and fuels with an aromatic content up to 50%. Also suitable for E10 and Biodiesel
PTFE hoses, PTFE tubing, hose with PTFE lining, chemical hoses, fda hoses stainless steel hoses, braided steel hoses
Hoses with PTFE lining
PTFE hoses
PTFE hoses have a very high chemical resistance and are also odorless and tasteless, making them suitable for food (FDA) PTFE tubing hoses
Braided SS hoses
Stainless steel hoses
Due to its robust design, these stainless steel braided hoses are suitable for hot gases, cryogenic applications and numerous chemicals.
automatic hose reels, hose reel, industrial hose reel  
Automatic hose reels
Hose reel
Several hose reels available with and without hose.
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