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Welcome to Frank Berg industrial supplies

Your reliable supplier of Tripod agitators, agitator lifting devices, stand agitators, mixing tanks, Totes mixers, agitators for mixing liquids in IBC containers, storage tanks and dosing tanks.

tripod agitators, stand agitators, lifting device, winch, tripod mixers
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VORTEX Technology, mixers, roerwerken, mengen

When you often need to mix batches with IBC's or drums you can speed up your production process and use a tripod agitator. Equipped with an electric winch and various safety measures these stand agitators are a true addition for your process equipment.

These stand agitators are equipped with:
- Electric winch
- Guide rollers and wheels in plastic
- Construction: choice of steel or stainless steel
- Equipped with lightweight or heavy duty mixer
- Many safey features
- Can also be manufactured with only wall mount.


Tripod agitators for IBC containers

Tripod agitator for low work areas Model: STSP
statiefroerwerk, statief mixer, menger op statief, statiefmenger, hefinrichting, spindel motor

Tripod stirrer with spindle motor

Ideal for low production areas.
Total height tripod stirrer max. 2500mm

The tripod is mobile on wheels and is equipped with IBC recognition sensors.

Depending on the viscosity of your product and the application, this tripod mixer is offered with the right type of motor and stirring element.

Tripod agitator with lifting device Model: STMX
tripod agitators, stand agitators, lifting device, winch, tripod mixers, stainless steel, tripod mixer
  • Electric lifting device
  • Maintenance-free rolls on lifting column
  • Construction in (painted) steel of 304 stainless steel
  • Adjustable speed 0-1500 RPM

  • Safety first with IBC recognition.

    Without and IBC tank in the unit, the agitator can not be turned on.

Stand agitator with drum clamps

Stand agitator with drum clamps, tripod agitator, barrels, drums, mixing For mixing in drums or smaller barrels we can add barrel clamps to the tripod for safety and support of the drum during mixing.


Wall mounted agitator with lifting device

wall mounted agitator, tripod agitator, stand agitator, dissolver, dispersing mixer This wall mounted agitator with electric winch has been equipped with a 7,5 kW motor and AISI 316 shaft with a dissolver disc
Applications Tripod agitators
Our tripod agitators are used in Food industry, for Chemicals, Colors + Paints,
Water treatment, Cosmetics etc
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Quality products for Food- & Chemicals industry & Pharma
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