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Your supplier of stainless steel tanks, process tanks, stainless steel totes, stainless steel mixing tanks for foodstuffs and chemicals.

stainless steel tanks, mixing tanks
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Stainless steel tanks Standard Series

Stainless steel mixing tank with agitator

Stainless steel tank with agitator

stainless steel mixing tanks, vertical tanks, blending tanks, process tanks stainless steel mixing tanks, vertical tanks, blending tanks, process tanks
Type: New process tank
Material: AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel

50L, 90L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 700L, 900L, 1200L

Or bigger as requested

Tank model: Vertical tank
Construction: Single wall
Bottom: Flat
Pressure: Atmospheric
Including: Stainless steel ball valve and liter scale inside.
Options: - Agitator / Mixer
  - Lid
  - Grid
  - Half lid with agitator mounting plate
  - CIP Spray ball
  - Standing on feet or wheeled chassis
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Stainless steel tank catalogue

stainless steel tank forklift module, agitator, mixing tank SS 316
With use of the optional forklife module the tank can be moved easily
Stainless steel tank, liter scale, dissolver disc, propeller, agitator
Liter scale welded in the inside of tank
Stainless steel tank, flanges, flange connection
Flanges and other connections can be made to order
According to the application we mount different types of stirrers
, mixers, agitators, stirrers in your stainless steel tank, inox tank, anchor agitator, propeller, dissolver
2 blade propellers, 3-cup conical propeller, anchor stirrer, dissolver disc for dispersing
Stainless steel tanks with dimple jacket for heating or cooling
Stainless steel tanks with dimple jacket for heating or cooling, double walled, thermoplate
Ideal for heating and cooling your product in the mixing tank, usable as beer fermentation tank
Stainless steel tank for foods / beverages
Stainless steel tank for foods, beverages tank

Stainless steel mixing tank double walled

stainless steel mixing tank, double wall, tank
Material: 304 stainless steel outer tank - 316 stainless steel inner tank
Capacity: 500 liter
Condition: NEW
Model tank: Specifications

  • Double wall tank - insulated
  • Conical bottom
  • DN50 DIN11851 Outlet with butterfly valve
  • Mounted onto frame for easy forklift pickup
  • Agitator optional
  • Two lids, left and right
  • 50mm rockwool insulation
  • Outside fully welded in stainless steel
  • Finish: Pickled and passivated
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    Stainless steel IBC tank

    stainless steel IBC tank, stainless steel ibc container, stackable tank
    These stainless steel IBC containers are stackable up to to tanks on top of each other.
    BA finish inside; satinated outside

    Standard features:

    - 400mm manhole with lid
    - Pressure relief valve
    - Ball valve or butterfly valve DN50
    - Type plate

    Standard SS IBC Capacity: 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1250L, 1500L (AISI 304 / AISI 316)
    UN / ADR SS IBC Capacity: 1000L, 1250L (AISI 304 / AISI 316)

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