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Welcome to Frank Berg industrial supplies

Your reliable supplier of industrial heating elements. Specially applied process heating elements and custom made heating elements

drum heaters, drum heating, barrel heaters, drum heating jackets, drum heating blankets, silicone drum heaters, silicone drum heating, atex drum heaters
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Heating elements

Industrial heating elements

Drum heaters are often used to reduce the viscosity of products such as oils, fats and other food products. We offer various types of drum heaters for plastic drums and steel drums.

Gas cylinder heater

b30, b50 bottle heater, gas bottle heater, heater, gas bottle heater,
Model: GAS-J55 Gas bottle heater
other sizes available on request

The J55 bottle heater has a flexible and waterproof heating and has two sides.
A red heating side and the blue- insulating side.

These industrial gas cylinder heater can heat and keep at a constant temperature of gas cylinders to max. 55 ° C.

The jacket features a velcro closure and an elastic drawstring at the top for quick assembly and good insulation effect to the gas cylinder.

Thanks to the IP54 protection class, this bottle heater can also be used outside.


ATEX gas cylinder heater
ATEX gas bottle heating

atex gas bottle heater, atex gas cylinder heater, atex heating, gas bottle, gas cylinder ATEX certified hazardous area heating jackets for gas bottles / gas cylinders.

These ATEX gas bottle heaters are ideal for keeping the gas cylinders at a temperature of around 30°C and keep them from freezing.

The gas bottle wall temperature will be around 50°C. When lower temperatures are required, the heating jacket can be fitted with a thermostat.

Gas bottle heaters suitable for
ATEX zone 1 and 2

The gas cylinder heaters are made from a silicone coated glass cloth and high density fibreglass insulation.

Safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of potentially explosive gases.

For gas bottles with a circumference of:
680- 830mm

Length: 830mm
Height: 1050mm

Safety protection class IP54
Custom made heaters
If there is no suitable product for your application on our website, please contact us and indicate to you the desired temperature, dimensions, etc.
Then we will send you a quote with prices.

Below funnel heater example is ideal for cosmetics and chocolate processing
funnel heater, funnel, heating, oem heaters, custom made heating elements, chocolate heater


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